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Commercial Cleaning

Neighborhood Commercial Cleaning Services provides a variety of services including daily Janitorial services, post construction cleaning, spring cleaning, emergency cleaning for contracted clients and more. Specific services include window washing, carpet cleaning, floor care, dusting, polishing and bathroom upkeep. We service Summit, Cuyahoga and Stark Counties. Call us today for a free quote!


With over 10 years of experience servicing the northeast Ohio region; we utilize our expertise in cleaning and sanitizing, top notch products, attention to detail and effective leadership to ensure customer satisfaction. We believe our unique combination of family-owned company values, capable staff and industry best practices help to deliver impressive results! 

 Akron-Canton Area

NCC services businesses in the greater Akron area as well as all of Summit County, Portage County, Canton, Massillon and Stark County. 


NCC services businesses in the greater Cleveland area including all of Cuyahoga County.

Office Janitorial

As an elite commercial and janitorial cleaning business, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean location for your customers. We also know that maintaining a clean work environment has a profound effect on your employees and drives productivity. 

Post Construction Clean Up

In addition to commercial and janitorial cleaning NCC also can perform post construction clean up work. Whether in the public or private sector. Simply call us!

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NCC cares about your health. That is why we  go the extra step to control your seasonal allergies.
6 steps to controlling allergens

1. Control dust mites. One of the most common allergens in homes, dust mites are often passively carried form home to the workplace. "Eggs can be carried into the office environment on clothing," . Carpets, upholstered furniture and even cubicle walls may harbour dust mites. Requesting frequent carpet cleaning and dusting your work area with a microfiber cloth or wet rag can help reduce dust mites in your work area. Experts recommend installing a small HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) cleaner to clean the space around your immediate work area.

2. Reduce animal allergens. Even if you work in a pet-free building, you may be exposed to cat and dog hair. "Pet hair is carried on clothing and becomes part of the indoor environment,". If possible, avoid placing allergy sufferers and pet owners in the same workspaces and provide hair removal rollers at the office.

3. Protect against seasonal allergens. "Pollen can enter the workplace through ventilation and opening and closing of windows,". Ensure your office has good air filtration. Experts recommend changing air filters and maintaining heating and air conditioning systems twice a year.

4. Reduce environmental hazards. Cleaning fluids and air fresheners release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the atmosphere. These fumes can irritate lungs causing respiratory distress and shortness of breath. Avoid using plug-ins and aerosol air fresheners and switch to cleaning products with no VOCs.

5. Encourage employees to get an allergy test. "You may think you know what triggers your allergies, but you may be wrong,". Managing allergies requires knowing what your triggers are.  An example is a client who thought she was working in a building that was full of mold, dust and poor air quality, but allergy testing showed it wasn't the building -- she was allergic to cat hair. Her runny nose and itchy eyes were a result of her allergies being triggered by her cat-owning co-worker who had carried her pet's hair to the office on her clothing. Consult with a certified allergy specialist to do an accurate assessment of your allergy triggers.

6. Change your allergy medication. While antihistamine medication may ease allergy symptoms, they can also have you falling asleep in the boardroom. Expert recommend taking a non-sedating antihistamine or asking your doctor about getting an allergy shot which may provide longer-term relief without the drowsy side effects.

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